pH of Water

pH of Water Scale

pH of Water

From pH 0 to pH 7, solutions are Acidic.
Acidity is produced by substances that yield hydrogen ions.  more….>>>

From pH 7 to pH 14, solutions are Alkaline.
Alkalinity is produced by substances that yield hydroxyl ions.  more….>>>

pH of Water Definitions and Explanation
The pH or hydrogen ion is also related to the concentration of many other substances, particularly the weakly disassociated acids and bases. These reversible reactions are but a few of the ones involving hydrogen ions in natural waters, but they illustrate that the concentration of hydrogen ions or pH controls the degree of disassociation of many substances.

The effective concentration (activity) of hydrogen ions could be expressed in the same kinds of units as other dissolved species, but H+ ion concentrations in mg/L or moles/Liter are very low for water solutions that are not strongly acid.  more….>>>

Significance of pH of Water
Since the undisassociated compounds are frequently more toxic than the ionic forms, pH may be a highly significant factor in determining lethal concentrations. A good example of this is the heavy metals.

Conversely, the concentration of weakly disassociated acids and bases affects the pH value and the ease with which it can be altered. For this reason, pH should not be confused with acidity and alkalinity.  more….>>>

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pH of Water Definitions and Explanation
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