Aquatic Vascular Plant Propagation

Vascular Plant Aquatic Adaptations

Aquatic Vascular Plant Propagation

Aquatic Vascular Plant Propagation in their natural environment, aquatic vascular plant propagation reproduce and spread by seeds. In many species reproduce also by vegetative propagation.

Many of them blossom and fruit in abundance in shallow water, but seldom produce mature seeds in deeper water or where they are continuously submersed.

In numerous species vegetative propagation is accomplished by special organs where in others any part of the stem may break off and take root.

The most common propagating parts consist of rhizomes, runners, tubers, corms, terminal leafy axes or winter buds.

The seeds and tubers of some aquatic plants are rich in stored foods, such as starch, and frequently sought by animals.

In fresh waters, the number of species of lower vascular plants is relatively small. Some of the noteworthy ones are water horse-tail (Equisetum) and the grasslike quillwort (Isoetes). These are frequently common along the shores of fresh waters and sometimes grow submerged in a lake or stream.

Among the ferns, the water shamrock (Marsilea) inhabits the shallow zones where it’s four broad leaflets arise from rhizomes growing in the substrate. The water fern (Azolla) is a small floating fern with overlapping leaves and fine roots hanging from the undersurface. The leaves, usually no more than 5 mm long, are green during summer, but turn reddish in the fall. Where abundant, these plants may completely obscure the water surface, the shading effect thereby inhibiting production in the water below.

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