Fecal Streptococci in Water

Fecal Streptococci in Water
From: https://ie.unc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/277/2019/12/Final-Capstone-Report-OBXFS-2019.pdf

Fecal Streptococci in Water

The use of Fecal Streptococci in Water as an indicator of potential pathogen contamination by intestinal wastes stems from this group.

They are characteristic of fecal pollution. They do not multiply in surface waters. They rarely occur in surface soil or on vegetation not contaminated by sewage.

The fecal streptococci include, in addition to the entrococci, the streptococcus mitis, s. salivarius group, s. bovis and s. equinus and an atypical group resembling the entrococci.

Fecal streptococci have been found to inhabit the GI tract of animals in greater numbers than fecal coliforms, while fecal coliforms are the more numerous bacteria in man.

Fecal streptococci data when coupled with fecal coliforms in the form of the fecal coliform to fecal strep ratio may provide additional information concerning their recency and probable origin of pollution.

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