Water Currents Effect on Algae

Water Currents Effect on Algae
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Water Currents Effect on Algae

Water Currents Effect on Algae is an obvious factor in running water. The water flow reduces the amount of stagnant water around the algae cells and increases the diffusion and absorption of nutrients.

There are many algae that occur primarily or exclusively in streams or in similar places such as stony lake shores where there is a continuous water movement.

In the southern United States, some algae are confined to the rapids and others are confined to the rapids only during the summer time. Attached algae are more abundant in faster water or that certain species occur more abundantly in areas of swift flow.

There is a water current demand in some species and a different species becomes dominant at different current speeds. The effect of current was often of greater importance than that of the quality of water.

A pertinent point is that running water, simply because it is moving, is a richer habitat than still water.

The currents prevent a shell of depleted water around an organism by constantly presenting fresh material and oxygen to its surface to replace that used up by metabolism.

This applies to plant nutrients as well as to oxygen or other dissolved substances involved in biological activity.

Since current makes water “physiologically richer”. This is an explanation for the current needs of many species. And that others need current in warm weather when dissolved gas contents are low.

When oxygen availability is raised by turbulent flow, the metabolism of plants and animals is also raised. They will thrive better the faster the flows to a point.

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