Basic Water Science

Basic Water Science focuses on common water quality parameters and examples of relationships with our fresh water resources.

Basic Water Science 101
Overview of water information for Science Students, Parents, Science Teachers, Schools and Agencies to help understand basic water projects.

Water can be classified as Saltwater (in oceans and certain lakes) Fresh water (in rivers and lakes)
Basic Water Science is divided into three commonly identified water areas:
1.) Physical Water Quality,
2.) Chemical Water Quality,
3.) Biological Water Quality.

Water quality can be thought of as a measure of the suitability of water for a particular use based on selected physical, chemical, and biological characteristics.

In fact, Water covers around 71 percent of Earth’s surface.

Water quality is influenced by many factors like precipitation, climate, soil type, vegetation, geology, flow conditions, ground water and human activities.

The greatest threat to water quality is posed by point sources of industries and municipalities.

However, Not just pollutants affect water quality. Water Cycle change can also alter the chemical or geological makeup of a river or lake, especially extreme weather such as flood or drought. Water Quality Specialists study the natural ecology of water resources to examine how such processes occur, and examine their impacts.

Interactions between these water parameters and responses of aquatic environments and water use are complicated and become very interesting.

By producing a better understanding of these water parameters and interactions, we can interpret the significance of our impact on water ecological systems.

End of Basic Water Science

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